Dental Implants in Bronxville – What are the Benefits?

Dental Implants in Bronxville – What are the Benefits?

Jul 01, 2019

Earlier, people had to choose from limited options when it came to replacing the missing tooth. The only available options were dentures, bridges, and partial dentures, but they all had some limitations. However, the dental implants have emerged as one of the best options for replacing your missing teeth. With over 40 years of success, the dental implants offer safe, attractive, and long lasting option. The dental implants in 10708 have emerged to be the best option for tooth replacement. If you wish to know why they are the best, here’s a look:

What is a Dental Implant?

As described by the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the dental implants are the artificial replacement of tooth roots. They are similar to a screw as far as the shape is concerned and are placed into the jawbone to form a stable base for supporting an artificial tooth or teeth. A connector or abutment attaches to the implant and provides a base for placing the bridge, denture, or crown.

How are Dental Implants Used?

The implants provide a base for tooth replacement options. It’s possible to secure a single crown, a multi-tooth bridge, denture, or a partial denture with the help of implants. The implants can be used for replacing a single tooth, consecutively missing teeth, replacing all the teeth in an arch and getting the implant supported dentures.

Dental Implant Benefits

A dental implant replaces the entire tooth, root, and a crown. It offers many advantages over other options.

  • They have a very high success rate, i.e. 95 to 98%.
  • The implants can last for a lifetime if you maintain them in the right way explains the dentist near 10708. The crowns and bridges, however, last for only 10 to 15 years.
  • They offer a beautiful and natural appearance as they look and feel exactly like the natural teeth.
  • They preserve and strengthen the jawbone as the biting forces travel through the implants and stimulate the jawbone, which results in stronger bones.

If you are missing one or more teeth, you can visit a dentist for consultation on replacement options.