Facts About Dental Fillings

Facts About Dental Fillings

Sep 01, 2020

Regular dental visits are excellent habits for healthy teeth. Depending on the results of the dental exam, we may recommend dental fillings in Bronxville. Continue reading to know more.

    1. Fillings Correct Different Dental Imperfections

A majority of patients encounter undesirable features in their teeth. Thanks to dental fillings, we can correct such dental faults such as:

      • Cavities. Nobody is immune to cavities, but some people are at a higher risk. If you experience pain, sensitivity, and a visible hole in the tooth, you probably have a cavity. Untreated tooth decay can trigger an infection or tooth loss. Fillings close the tiny holes, thereby stopping further caries.
      • Fracture. A chipped or cracked tooth disrupts the normal function of the tooth. To correct the minor crack, our dentist in Bronxville, NY, will fill the chipped tooth.
      • Discoloration. Some fillings such as composite and porcelain resins can be matched to tooth color. The restoration covers stained teeth hence improving your smile. Please note, our dental team matches the composite resin with your natural tooth color.
    1. Different Dental Fillings Are Available

There are different fillings to cater to patients’ dental needs. The fillings differ in terms of materials used. If our dentist has recommended dental fillings, you have the following options:

      • Gold fillings. They are durable and well tolerated by your gums.
      • Amalgam/silver fillings. They are long-lasting and can withstand the chewing forces. However, they don’t blend well with the natural teeth color.
      • Composite/plastic resin. Our dentist easily matches them with your tooth color. Also, they may wear with time hence not ideal for large fillings.
      • Porcelain fillings. They are indirect restorations and match the natural color of your teeth. Additionally, they’re not easily stained.
      • Glass ionomer fillings. They are made of acrylic and glass (contains fluoride). We mainly recommend them for children.
    1. The Filling Procedure is Fast

The dentist fillings in Bronxville, NY, take less than one hour. A small restoration may take less than 20 minutes. In contrast, a large one takes longer. Also, the fillings material used may take more time or require several visits.

We inject local anesthesia on the part we are treating. Once the area is sufficiently numb, the decay is removed. Next, the dentist prepares the site by shaping the space and cements it. If need be, we expose the filling material to a special light to harden it. Finally, we polish to smoothen sharp edges that may injure the tongue, and examine if the bite is okay.

    1. After Care is Important

After filling procedure, observe good dental habits such as:

      • Regular dental visits for cleaning and exam
      • Brushing daily with fluoridated toothpaste
      • Dental flossing and using an antibacterial mouthwash

Before complete healing, you can feel uncomfortable eating food. However, you can enjoy your meal by:

      • Biting lightly and chewing slowly
      • Closing your mouth while chewing
      • Avoiding sticky foods, sweets, hot or cold drinks

Please take note good oral health determines the period a filling will last. Diligent care may extend its life. Although it will still depend on filling material we have used.

    1. A Few Risks May Occur

After filling, you may experience soreness and tooth sensitivity. It may persist for a few hours or days. Your tooth may be sensitive to sweet foods or cold substances. That’s why drinking and eating are uncomfortable. Observe the self-care tips outlined above.

If sensitivity persists for weeks, consult our dentist in Bronxville, NY. The dentist may recommend an anti-sensitivity toothpaste to manage the discomfort. Furthermore, we may apply the desensitizer agent on the tooth. If these don’t work, a root canal may be performed.

You may also experience pain, which is common but needs immediate dental treatment. Visit our dentist if you have excruciating pain for an assessment and treatment.

Final Thoughts

Dental fillings can help restore the functioning of your teeth. But, they are not ideal for everyone. Your dental treatment plan will be determined by the area to be filled, and if allergic to filling materials. Visit Bronxville Dentistry for a personalized dental filling.