Clear Aligners

Would you like your smile realigned, but do not wish to deal with the challenges of braces? Clear Aligners is the clear alternative which will allow you to go about your day uninterrupted. To get more information about Clear Aligners or to get invisalign in Bronxville, NY, visit Bronxville Dentistry in Bronxville today.


Both adults and children can benefit from Clear Aligners. Anyone who wishes to correct common problems such as crowded teeth, overbite, underbite, open bite, cross bite, and gap teeth can get results through Clear Aligners. People who simply want generally straighter teeth should also consult a dental professional about Clear Aligners.

THE Clear Aligners PROCESS

The process begins with a consultation during which a precise scan is taken, the doctor forms a plan and shows the patient a preview of their new smile. Using the largest, most advanced customization process on earth, the patient’s aligners will be made based on the 3D scan of their teeth. The number of aligners each patient receives correlates to the extent of the changes trying to be achieved.

PERKS OF Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners has a number of advantages over the traditional way to straighten teeth, braces. Using Clear Aligners is nowhere near as obvious as braces, not a single case of a child being called “Clear Aligners face” on the playground is known. Furthermore, braces are known for trapping certain foods and making brushing a nightmare. Clear Aligners can be removed, making eating and dental hygiene a breeze.

CASES UNFIT FOR Clear Aligners

In some cases, Clear Aligners is not necessarily ideal. There are some more complicated realignments of teeth that are better done with traditional braces, like the vertical shifting of teeth. Also depending on the case braces may be a more affordable option than Clear Aligners. Lastly, individuals, especially children, who do not possess the discipline to keep their aligners in for the requisite 22 hours a day, may want to reconsider using Clear Aligners.

Like with braces, there may very well be some discomfort associated with Clear Aligners, as the process of shifting teeth is inherently uncomfortable. Nonetheless, if the confidence you stand to gain from a straighter smile is appealing, visit Bronxville Dentistry in Bronxville for a consultation. Schedule an appointment with us now for invisalign in Bronxville today and avail the services from us.

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