Dental Bonding

There are a wide range of treatment options that help to correct different dental issues and improve the appearance of teeth. Dental bonding is commonly used to correct all types of imperfections as it is a practical and efficient method. Our team at Bronxville Dentistry are eager to provide quality care to every patient that enters our Bronxville clinic.

Continue reading on to learn more about dental bonding and see what specific issues it can correct or improve. Avail our services of dental bonding in Bronxville, NY and give your smile the makeover it needs.


Dental bonding uses a tooth colored composite resin material to restore individual teeth. An adhesive bond is added as a strong foundation that will last. There are several different issues that can be improved with the help of dental bonds; below are a few common ones:

  • Gaps in between teeth. Small gaps can leave patients feeling self conscious. However, your dentist can apply a dental bond to the teeth as a way to bridge the gap between the teeth. The material can be closely match to the natural appearance and color of your tooth. This allows no one to notice the change in your smile.
  • Exposed roots. Damaged gums can lead to recession which exposes the roots. This is often very painful, but can be corrected with dental bonding at Bronxville Dentistry.
  • Small chips and fractures. High impact sports or accidents can lead to chips in the teeth. Dental bonding can help to repair these small damages and restore your tooth back to it’s natural beauty.
  • Decayed teeth. A decayed tooth needs to be properly cleaned out in order to prevent further damage. Your dentist may then recommend a dental bond to give extra sturdiness to the once damaged tooth.
  • Tooth shape. Dental bonding can also change the entire shape of an individual tooth. Smaller teeth can be elongated and look more similar to the surrounding teeth.

If you are interested in dental bonding for your smile, then contact our team to set up your next appointment and how your teeth can be restored and be made new at Bronxville Dentistry! We vouch for our services of dental bonding in Bronxville and you should avail these services too.

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