Dental Bridges

All of us at Bronxville Dentistry work to provide our customers with the best dental care in Bronxville and the surrounding area. Your teeth were designed to work together, so if you lose a tooth, the tooth next to it might tilt toward the empty space or move around. It will place stress on the tissue in your mouth and the teeth that surround the lost tooth. Your gum tissue and bone that are holding the teeth in place can also break down, and this increases the risk for you to get gum disease. You can prevent this damage by getting a fixed bridge at Bronxville Dentistry. The fixed bridge is extremely stable as they are cemented into the spot where they are needed, and the only way they can be removed is by a dentist.

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A dental bridge is nothing more than false tooth or teeth being used to replace for you one or more missing teeth. The dental bridge is anchored to that spot by using an implant, or they get cemented into that place using an anchor and by making use of anchor teeth on each side of the new gap. They are not like dentures, because bridges do not come out and are considered to be permanent in their placement.

Many different substances can be used in making the bridge. It all depends on where the bridge will be placed and what the function of your tooth will be for you. Let’s say; your chewing teeth will need to be made from a different substance than a tooth that tears. It does not matter which material has been chosen; Bronxville Dentistry can match the color to your current natural teeth to give you that beautiful smile. For that, our Bronxville Dentistry will do all he/she can in working with you to choose the right material so you will love your beautiful smile when we are finished, your teeth will work correctly, and your cost will be affordable for you.


Empty places that have been left by those missing teeth can cause all the rest of your teeth inside your mouth to rotate or shift. This can cause:

  • A bite that is uneven
  • Unbalanced chewing that causes temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ)
  • Diseased gums


To have a bridge designed, your dentist will need to assess and then work on what will be used for the anchor teeth on each side of the tooth gap. Bronxville Dentistry can do this while reducing the teeth so the bridge can be put into place over the anchor teeth. If you have an implant, that procedure will happen first.


When we place a bridge, we make it last forever. However, dental bridges can still get loose because of bone loss or gum disease. To avoid problems like this, you must do the below:

  • Floss and brush daily
  • See your dentist every six months for check-ups
  • Do NOT eat hard foods

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