Dental Sealants

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The dental sealant is a resin made of plastic to bond down in the deep grooves located in the chewing surface of your tooth. When a tooth is being sealed, it fills the grooves of your teeth, and your tooth surface will get smoother, much less a chance to let plaque thrive. With the sealants, brushing your teeth will get easier and become much more effective when stopping tooth decay.

The use of sealants is most usually applied to a child’s teeth for preventative measures during the time of life for a child that they are more prone to tooth decay. Adult teeth are also sealed too. It is much more usual to seal one’s ‘permanent’ teeth instead of ‘baby’ teeth, but it depends on the person and their needs. Bronxville Dentistry will propose who needs dental sealants on a patient by patient basis.

The sealants when applied usually last three to five years. It has been relatively common to have adults come in that still have sealants on their teeth that was placed there during their childhood. The dental sealant will only give protection when it is completely intact, so if the sealant does come off, you need to let your dentist know about it.

Sometimes brushing your teeth is not enough. Each person has those spots that are hard to reach with their brush. When it does happen, you will be at risk for tooth decay. By the use of sealants for your teeth it gives you that one more line of defense to prevent tooth decay.

For dental sealants in Bronxville, NY our dentists at Bronxville Dentistry ensure they use the best techniques so that there is no requirement for the patient to undergo the same process due to the failure of the first one.


  • Easy to apply in just a few minutes
  • Non-invasive and affordable.
  • Hold up under the normal chewing force
  • Will last many years before a reapplication will be needed.
  • Clear or white, making them almost invisible.
  • Protect grooves in your teeth from the plaque and food particles that flossing and brushing cannot reach


Bronxville Dentistry will be able to apply the sealant to your child’s teeth in a few quick steps:

  • Whatever tooth is to get the sealant will be cleaned and dried.
  • The “etching” solution to roughen the tooth’s surface is applied next.
  • The roughened surface of the tooth is then covered with a liquid sealant by a brush.
  • A curing light will be used to make the sealant harden

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What are Dental Sealants?

Sealants protect the chewing surfaces from cavities by covering them with a protective barrier that blocks out germs and food; intended to prevent decay.

How long do dental sealants last?

Sealants can last up to 2-4 years

Can I brush my teeth after the sealants?

Yes, you can brush your teeth after getting sealants done.

Can you get a cavity under a sealant?

Yes, it is possible for a cavity to form under a dental sealant, but it is very uncommon.

Do dentists drill for sealants?

No, applying sealants does not require drilling.

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