Oral Cancer Screenings

Your dentist at Bronxville Dentistry can detect signs of oral cancer before it leaves its early stages. As with all cancers, early detection is crucial. Our team can screen you for oral cancer during your routine visits. Early detection allows for any precancerous growths to be discovered before they develop further. Regular screenings catch cancers before they progress, avoiding a great deal of trouble later on. Your dentist checks for oral cancer at every six-month appointment, which is one more great reason to see your dentist regularly.

Like all cancers, there are risk factors that can indicate whether or not you’re at elevated exposure for oral cancer. There isn’t one screening test that can isolate and detect all oral cancers, so your dentist at Bronxville Dentistry will conduct a number of tests based on what risk factors you have.

Schedule an appointment well in advance and visit us for oral cancer screenings in Bronxville, NY today.

These are the primary risk factors for oral cancer:

  • Prior oral cancer
  • Use of tobacco
  • Heavy or prolonged sun exposure
  • Significant alcohol use

Signs and symptoms of oral cancer include:

  • A sore or sores in the mouth that won’t heal
  • Pain in the oral cavity that persists
  • Thickened tissue in the cheek
  • White patches on the tongue, tonsils or lining of the cheeks or gums
  • A lump in the throat or feeling of something stuck in the throat
  • Numbness of the tongue
  • A swollen jaw or gums


Visual Exam — Your dentist always performs a visual exam your mouth, lips, inside of the nose and face. Abnormal bumps, discolorations, and sores will get closely examined.
Physical Exam — Your dentist at Bronxville Dentistry will feel your face, neck, jaw and neck during an oral cancer screening. This allows for masses to be detected. Stiffness, swelling or numbness is a common sign of oral cancer.

Your dentist may also use specialized mouth rinses that temporarily stain tissues where abnormal proteins related to cancers are being secreted. It’s not 100-percent proof of cancer, but it does get flagged for thorough follow-up.

Your life-long good health is our top priority at Bronxville Dentistry. Call us for your appointment today for oral cancer screenings in Bronxville – because detecting the problem at early stages will make the treatment process quicker.

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