Pediatric Dentistry

When it comes to your little one, you probably want them to be as healthy as possible, right? Did you know that oral health can actually play a huge role in the overall health of a patient? At Bronxville Dentistry we are proud to offer pediatric dentistry in Bronxville for the little ones in our community. Interested in scheduling an appointment for your child?

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When Should My Child Receive Professional Dental Care?

At Bronxville Dentistry we recommend that children visit us for their first appointment around the time their first tooth erupts (around 6 months of age). If that isn’t possible, your child should visit us at least by their first birthday. Starting professional dental care early can be beneficial for your child’s oral health and can even reduce the risk of dental anxiety later in life.

How Often Should My Child Receive Pediatric Dental Care?

Following their first dental appointment, we recommend that children visit us at least twice a year going forward. If your child experiences chronic dental issues such as tooth decay, cavity formation or even infections, more frequent visits may be recommended. Your dentist can tell you exactly how often your child should be receiving professional care.

Bronxville Pediatric Dental Care

At Bronxville Dentistry we offer a variety of pediatric dental care options in Bronxville that can help protect, preserve and even restore your child’s smile. Along with routine examinations and cleanings, dental sealants and fluoride treatments can be an excellent option to protect and preserve your little one’s smile. If your child experiences decay, damage or even infection, we also offer various restorative dental care options.

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