Tooth Extractions: Everything You Need to Know

Tooth Extractions: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 01, 2020

Tooth extraction is not a routine dental procedure. At Bronxville Dentistry, we aim to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. However, certain conditions may force you to seek tooth extraction in Bronxville, NY.

We understand the trepidation that you may have about tooth extraction. But, knowing what to expect during the procedure may prepare you, so keep reading to learn more about dental extraction.

What is Tooth Extraction?

At the face of it, tooth extraction is the pulling of the permanent teeth that can’t be salvaged. But, the procedure is categorized into two: simple and surgical extractions depending on the position of the teeth.

Simple extractions are done in visible teeth and the process takes about 20 to 40 minutes. The surgical tooth extractions, on the other hand, are done on teeth that lie beneath the gum and not easily accessible such as wisdom teeth extractions.

What Are the Causes of Tooth Extraction?

Several reasons may prompt our dentist to recommend tooth extraction such as:

  • Wisdom teeth extraction is the primary cause of extraction. The wisdom teeth or last molars are the last set of teeth to emerge and because there is no space on the jaw, the teeth may become impacted. These last molars are painful and can cause infection if not addressed. If you notice throbbing pain and swelling on the gums, seek wisdom teeth extraction near you immediately.
  • Overcrowding can be detrimental to your dental structure and oral health. The dentist may recommend extraction to make space and room for tooth alignment treatment.
  • Periodontal or gum disease is addressed using scaling and root planing. However, in severe cases, we may extract the tooth to keep the infection from spreading.
  • When the primary teeth don’t fall on time
  • A compromised immune system can make it hard for some people to fight infection. Therefore, the dentist may opt to remove the teeth to stop the decay from spreading.

There are times when extraction may be an emergency. When you notice excessive bleeding without noticeable cause or have an abscess, then you need an emergency tooth extraction in Bronxville.

What to Expect of Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction may be done in one to two dental visits depending on the cause and severity.

  • Before the procedure

The dentist will discuss the process and examine your dental health. X-rays and other modern tests may be done to establish the extent of the decay. Antibiotics may be given before the surgery especially in people with a weakened immune system to prevent infection.

If you have dental phobia, it is important to tell the dentist as we have different solutions such as sedation.

  • During the procedure

Anesthesia is given depending on the type of extraction that will be done. For simple extractions, local anesthesia will suffice. However, surgical extraction will need sedation (deep) in addition to the local anesthesia. Next, the socket will be stitched to aid in healing.

  • After the procedure

Pain is a common symptom after the extraction, but the dentist will prescribe pain medications. The recovery can take one to two days for the simple extraction and between three and seven days for surgical procedures.

How Can You Take Care of the Socket?

Your recovery will largely depend on how well you take care of the wound.

  • Keep the head elevated to stop the bleeding and pain
  • Use a gauze pad to reduce the residual bleeding
  • Ice the socket to prevent swelling. Apply an ice pack on the mouth or cheek (not directly) for 20 minutes
  • Protect your blood clot as it facilitates healing, so don’t drink using a straw
  • Don’t rinse the mouth 24 hours after the extraction
  • Maintain proper dental hygiene by brushing regularly, but avoid the extracted area

Are There Any Risks Involved?

Tooth extraction is successful, but a few risks can arise such as nerve damage, numbness, soreness of the jaw, dry socket, jaw fracture, and sinus hole.

Take Away

Don’t live in pain or tooth decay, but seek the necessary treatments, and tooth extraction is ideal. Contact us for an appointment if you are looking for Bronxville tooth extraction.

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