Varieties of Clear Braces That Are Available in the Market

Varieties of Clear Braces That Are Available in the Market

Jan 01, 2020

Are you considering straightening your teeth because they have some deficiencies which don’t allow you to smile before everyone properly? You may already have begun making comparisons between clear braces vs metal braces and wondering which one you should choose to rectify the cosmetic problems in your mouth. You may even believe Invisalign is your only choice for clear braces because it is the one which is the present craze in the market.

You would be mistaken if you believe Invisalign is the only variety of clear braces because there are others that you can also choose. You will be in a position to determine the best choice for your mouth after you discuss with your orthodontist. However, in the meanwhile, let us look at the variety of clear braces that are available for you.

Ceramic Braces

Brackets and wires are used by short-term ceramic braces for straightening the teeth similar to traditional braces. Thankfully, the brackets in these braces are clear making them nearly invisible as compared to traditional braces. Some varieties such as six-month smiles are available with tooth-colored wires which make the braces appear even less noticeable.

It takes an average of just a few months for short-term ceramic braces to straighten your teeth. Sometimes the time needed is just around six months. The work speedily because the only function to alleviate cosmetic problems with the front teeth. Fewer dental visits are needed by these braces than the traditional variety.

Traditional braces generally require about 12 months to two years to achieve results. However, it does not treat just cosmetic issues but also deal with bite-related problems. They function on all the teeth in the mouth and not just the front teeth. It is perhaps the reason why traditional braces take longer to deliver results than short-term ceramic braces.

Clear ceramic brackets are also available for traditional braces even though the term ceramic braces are often referred to as short-term orthodontics. When we speak about ceramic braces we are also referring to orthodontic systems like DAMON clear that makes use of the archwire technology for moving the teeth six months faster than traditional braces.

Short-term ceramic braces are more expensive than traditional braces and are also uncomfortable. Discounts may be offered by the dentist near you and therefore keeping an eye out for deals like these may prove beneficial.

Clear Aligners

These are removable trays that are made from plastic or ceramic and fit over the teeth. Low force pressure is put on the teeth by these trays when moving them over time. The most popular clear aligners in the market are Invisalign although many others also exist. Bronxville dental is offering these systems through some companies and allowing clients to order directly from their website. The direct order companies are popular for their discounted rates but are also known for their discounted results.

The benefit of clear aligners is the fact that there are invisible. No brackets or wires are needed making them discreet. Wearers will be able to remove them when eating or performing their regular oral hygiene routine. Most importantly no restrictions are placed on the type of foods the individual can have.

The prices of clear aligners are perhaps the biggest downside. When compared to ceramic braces they can be considered as affordable but at an average of $ 8000, they are more expensive than traditional braces. They can also stain if they are not cared for making the wearer invest in cleaning crystals from Invisalign. The possibilities of losing them also exist and they are expensive to replace.

Lingual Braces

The third variety of invisible braces will be available in the form of lingual braces that were developed to satisfy the demand for clear braces. Clear braces in Bronxville can offer you lingual braces that come with a set of benefits similar to traditional braces minus the aesthetic drawbacks. Lingual braces are placed on the back surface of the teeth instead of the front. Their low profile makes them virtually invisible. They are however the most expensive and you will be required to spend extra time at the orthodontist’s office.

If the information provided is prepared you for the type of braces you want we suggest you contact Bronxville dental that can offer you the type of clear braces to straighten your teeth and improve your smile discreetly.